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Strong tradition, Stronger Emotion

Be amazed by the thick and creamy crema extracted from our Martella coffee beans

Our Coffee

The best espresso has no secrets!

100% arabica? No thanks!

Judging the quality of coffee beans by looking at "100% Arabica" is over simplistic.

Often we make the mistake of giving particular value to a blend only because we see that it is made of “100% Arabica”, ignoring that there are infinite varieties of Arabica, of very different quality, with several degrees of acidity and so on.

On the other hand, the Robusta offers a higher caffeine content, a full-bodied flavour, a chocolate aftertaste and an unrivaled crema. Therefore, it makes no sense to exclude it from the blend.

We love to balance the delicacy and the acidity of the best Arabica with body, crema and intense flavour of the best Robusta.

We know how to choose and how to mix

At Caffè Martella we know how to select and to mix the various types of coffee using the right proportion to create a perfect balance. A combination that does not hide, but rather enhances every single component. Our method allows us to treat all the components with artisanal care, patiently respecting the pauses before and after roasting. Providing the time for a progressive degassing that keep all natural aromatic essences intact. Slow and low temperature roasting are the secret to create a better and unique espresso.

What kind of coffee can our coffee beans make?

Our coffee beans can be used to make coffee in anyway that there is in the existing market. Be it V60 pour over, Syphon, Moka pot, French press and of course espresso with espresso machine.

Our Roots, Our Company

A family in love with coffee. The story of Caffè Martella could be summed up with these words and, as often happens, when a good story is told, there is always a grandfather at the beginning. A grandfather led by an idea and by the will to make it happen. Azeglio Martella was born in Marino, a small town near Rome, in 1895. He was a restless and imaginative character and after several experiences and having survived two world wars, at the beginning of the 1940s, he opened a grocery store selling also coffee in the surroundings of Rome.

A family business with an international claim

Azeglio’s imprinting expands to the whole family, children and grandchildren collect his legacy and transform the original roasting into a company that produces and distributes coffee first in Italy, then all over the world. The original spirit and character are still there. The enthusiasm for innovation and the search of quality are the highlights. The familiar approach to the business provides sympathy and service to all customers. The informal approach is very much appreciated and valued and becomes the strength of the company.

International awards

Over one hundred roasters competed in 2008 for the title of best-imported coffee in Germany. The prize, sponsored by SCAE, directed by Dr. Steffen Schwarz, goes to Maximum Class blend, Caffè Martella’s flagship. That’s the full recognition of a qualitative professional path started 70 years earlier.

Inspired by culture of espresso, Speedy3DCreations has imported 3 different blends of coffe beans from our parent company, Caffe Martella, from Rome, Italy. 

The 3 blends are the Maximum class, Mirus Class and the Classic class.

We also have coffee subscription plans for the 1kg beans, 225 grams packaging as well as drip bags. We are also roasting single origin coffee beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Brazil and Yunnan Baoshan, China.

On top of coffee beans, we also have espresso machines from the various brands such as Quick Mill, Lelit, VBM (From Italy), Ascaso (From Spain), Milesto and Barsetto (From China) and coffee roaster from Keleido Sniper (China).


Founded in 2020, Speedy3DCreations is trying to bring the goodness of the Caffe Martella coffee beans to Singapore and Asia Pacific region. We are eager to share the most unique flavors of our coffee beans in Singapore and neighbouring countries. Join us.

Barista Making Drip Coffee

Visit Our Showroom

Singapore Handicraft Centre

72 Eunos Avenue 7

#04-07C, Singapore 409570

Opening Hours

Due to COVID-19, visting our showroom is only by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

To make appointment,

please whatsapp CY @ 97685448

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